The community facilitation cell, created in 2011, was set up as an effort to create a group of local community members to observe and monitor the industry, government and community behaviour in the area. The community facilitation cell engages with the community, MIPL and local governments, taking forward the needs of the community to various stakeholders. The facilitation cell also assists the local community with various tasks, such as, filing and processing of applications (such as agricultural loans and health insurance), setting up bank accounts, applying for licences etc. These include applications for – old age pensions, maternity support, education allowances, ration cards, community certificates, bank accounts, age and birth certificates and Aadhar cards, among others. As in all FORRAD projects, community members are a part of the planning, implementation and monitoring of activities undertaken by the project. Community members benefit directly from the employment generated from projects and indirectly from greater water availability and cleaner water sources.

Here are the details of all the documentation, applications and sanctions thus far for the year 2018:

  • Applications: 73
  • Sanctions/ Documents Issued: 46
  • Health Insurance: 3
  • Old Age Pensions: 29
  • Widows Pension: 9
  • Voter ID: 2
  • 2 Girl Child: 1
  • Marriage Assistance Scheme: 1`
  • Death Certificate: 1