The village of Beela Dakshin is located in Kabrai block, Mahoba district, Uttar Pradesh. It falls into the Bundelkhand region which is well known for climate variability and long periods of intense drought. FORRAD has started here in September 2018, in partnership with Gramonnati Sansthan Mahoba, seeks to improve water and agricultural security for the 450 households of the village.

The project aims to cover approximately 700 ha of farmland and will involve the repair of one large old anicut (Bapu ka bageecha bandh) that crosses the tract of land, farmbunding on 30 ha of land and the clearing, deepening and repair of 5 irrigation wells. The project will also simultuaneously promote and demonstrate sustainable, climate resilient agriculture.

The soil in Beela Dakshin is fertile and it is only the lay of the land and the shortage of water that prevents it from being much more productive. It is anticipated that this small initiative will help considerably improve both water and agricultural security for these households.

FORRAD’s previous experience in this area can be viewed here